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Is it time to renovate your kitchen? We do all the preparations for your cabinet installation. From removing walls, relocating appliances, new flooring installation. We work with kitchen designers and cabinet installers to achieve your dream Kitchen.


Our specialty. Complete bathroom renovations. Plumbing, tiling, painting, curb-less showers, No problem. Living on one bathroom in a family home can be quite challenging. This is why we are there each and every day from start to finish to build your dream Bathroom quickly, neatly and efficiently.


Doing laundry can be a boring house hold task. Most laundry rooms can be very inefficient and lack counter space. With today’s stackable washer and dryers, we can redesign your laundry to be very efficient, bright, spacious and have counter space to help deal with every day house hold chores.


Basements are a great place for kids to hangout or sports fans to watch their favourite game. Bedrooms, entertainment areas or storage spaces. We design your basement with your family needs in mind.


With today’s fashions, walk in closet seem small. We look at option to expand your walk in closet to work and coincide with your en-suite bathroom. Installing efficient cabinetry and shelving can really improve your day to day routine.


When most house are built, baseboard, casing and doors were not really consider. Also stucco or popcorn ceilings was a easy way for the builder to save money. With a updated wall colour, trim, doors and removing the stucco ceiling, a very boring room can be transformed into a warm and comfortable place to relax and regenerate.
“We are passionate about what we build, and it shows. Our many happy clients agree.”

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